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Psst! We've got a secret...pass it on


Psst! We've got a secret...pass it on

Melissa Leaver

Tempt your tastebuds with the sweet, spicy and sour notes of authentic Singaporean delicacies passed down from generation to generation...and now we're passing it to you.  Discover the recipes here.

Singapore is a melting pot of ethnicities including Malay, Indian, Chinese, English and Peranakan.  The result is a dynamic array of cultures and flavours. 

  Missed this episode? Click on the image above to watch.

Missed this episode? Click on the image above to watch.

Peranakan dishes are interesting, not only due to their complex mix of flavours but because their recipes are passed down through the family, making them difficult to come by for outsiders.  Peranakan people will rarely invite a stranger into their kitchen for fear of revealing their secret...but Brett McGregor uses his charm to learn how to make the delicacy Ondeh Ondeh (pronounced on-day on-day).  These little balls of delight are coated in toasted coconut and filled with melted palm sugar that floods the mouth when bitten into.

Also in this episode, we visit the House of Peranakan Cuisine where we meet owner Bob Seah.  Ever proud of his culture, for more than 40 years Bob continues to cook in the kitchen and regularly appears in the dining room to entertain guests on the piano.  Bob shares with Brett his Babi Assam dish, the perfect balance of tangy and spicy flavours, taught to him by his mother.

You too can bring the taste of Peranakan culture to your table with a bit of Kiwi know-how from Brett and authentic Trident ingredients!